Voter Registration EL131

Where do I vote?

Residents of the Village of Neosho may vote at The Village Hall, 210 S Schuyler Street, from 7am – 8pm on election day. The next Election Day is April 2,2024.

Proof of Residence

Voter Registration

In order to vote an individual must be a registered voter. Qualifications for a registered voter are below.

1. A U.S. citizen

2. Be age 18 or older on or before Election Day

3. Have resided in an election district or ward for 10 days before any election where the citizen offers to vote.

4. Not be disqualified from voting for any of the reasons described in 6.03 of the Wis Stats.

  • Any person convicted of treason, felony, or bribery that has not been pardoned or competed the terms of his or her sentence including probation, parole, or extended supervision.
  • A person who has been deterred by a court to be incapable of understanding the objective of the elective process or who is under guardianship.
  • Anyone who has made or become interested, directly or indirectly, in any bet or wager depending upon the result of the election.

5. As of January 1, 2003, the federal “Help American Vote Act of 2002,” requires any person registering to vote to:

Provide a Driver License or other WI Department of Transportation (DOT) issued identification number. If you have not been issued a WI Driver License/WI DOT issued identification card, provide the last four digits of your social security number.

If you have neither a driver’s license or other WI DOT issued identification number, nor a social security number, indicate so in the appropriate area of the registration form (Box 2 on Form EC-131.

Proof of Residency Items.

Note: The registration cannot be processed until the elector provides this information and answers the questions.

All Electors Must Be Registered Before Being Issued a Ballot.